Sliding Gate Openers

Sliding gate openers come in a variety of power configerations. The model will depend on two options:

    1. Solar Power .This option is perfect for Sliding gate openers that are costly having electric power connected to the gate rural properties with the front gate or residential where there is a established driveway and landscape that makes the electrical connection expensive.
    2. Electric Power. These gate openers come in various gate weight options. Gate openers currently have openers that open 300kg, 500kg or 1400kg gates.

The sliding gate openers have the advantage of being easier to control especially in small spaces. Ideal for both residential and industrial properties, solar powered sliding gates are less hassle than other types of gate, due to the reliability of the set up and ease of use. Solar power sliding gates are recommended over electric powered gates as they can be installed in any location and do not require a connection to the mains power.

Residential 500kg Gate

  • Specs:
  • Transmitter range: 30m
  • Operation speed: 0.2m/sec
  • Auto close option, warning buzzer, obstacle rebound pressure adjustable, key operated if required. Options available; warning lights, keypads, proximity sensors, push buttons, fingerprint access and many more.
  • Includes; 3 remotes, 4 metres track, 2 keys, push button, main unit. Price: 240V delivered $500, Solar delivered $550 .

    Price: 240V delivered $500, Solar delivered $550

Industrial 1500kg Gate

  • Specs:
  • Transmitter range: 30m
  • Auto close option, obstacle rebound sensors, keypads, RFID card access, warning lights, proximity sensors, fingerprint access. Options; wireless or wired intercoms, heavy duty deadlocks on gate.
    Price is dependent on site and drawings. Email specs and drawings or call 0400 701 808