Our Accessories to make your life even easier……..

We have plenty of automatic gate accessories, to bring your gate installation into the modern era of easy access and time-saving.

As a company with over 15 years’ experience and one of the earliest solar powered gate companies in Australia, we ensure that our gate installations are fitted with the most up-to-date technologies and time-saving equipment, but with accessories, you can enhance your day-to-day life and personal security through options such as;

  • Bluetooth controllers
  • All-weather controllers
  • Gate locking hardware
  • Remote control devices
  • Security devices
  • Wireless keypads
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Face scanners
  • Bluetooth $95

    Control your gate through your iPhone.

    WaterproofPush Button $25

    A simple, waterproof button to control your gate.

    Gatelock $120

    Secure locking for your gate to increase security.

    Remote Control $40

    Open and close your gates without leaving your car.

    Security Rail $30/2m

    Decorative rail which also increases security.

    Available in 2m = $30 or 3m =$45 Able to screw to any fence or gate for decorative feature but security from un-welcomed visitors.

    Wireless Keypad $80

    Allows coded access and set-up of over 1000 different codes.

    GSM $200

    Control your gate through text messaging.

    Fingerprint Access $200

    Battery powered fingerprint scanner for extra security.